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This Group supports the relationship of Black and White from the Manga of Pokemon Adventures/Special BW Chapter.

Agencyshipping is not the same as ChessShipping, as Chessshipping is touyaxtouko/hildaxhilbert from the game and Agencyshipping is BlackxWhite from pokespe, these are two very different counterparts and shouldn't really be mixed up with each other.

Hints… - Hints in Bulbapedia article.

AgencyShipping - Pokemon BW Chapter Hints Updated*
(Evidence From a collection of Viz Manga & Japanese translations)  
Written by a fan of the couple BlackxWhite, for fans of Agency shipping
Some of the information may be looked in a different way, these could ambiguous signs to smaller signs such as touching holding hands etc. These are just opinions of a fan.
VIZ & Japanese Translations
Adventure 5: Lights, Camera, Action -
This is the chapter where black meets white for the first time. Black is accused of damaging equipment and hurting the camera/film crew. White steps in and tries to defend him and also hires black as one of the employees without his consent even though they just met.
Adventure 6: An odd speech -
White bails black out by paying the pay checks of the damaged equipment (considering he is still a stranger). White thanks black for solving the mystery and lending her his Tepig. Black
<- Hints in the opinion of a fan.

White's Hints

:bulletwhite: White thinks about Black and how he looks cool and all
:bulletwhite: White talked about Black with Elesa
:bulletwhite: White knew Black enough to know what he was thinking
:bulletwhite: White maybe thinking about black after Black's speech when they separate at the battle subway
:bulletwhite: When White finally met up with Black again, she blushed as she greeted him
:bulletwhite: When Black felt down after Musha (temporarily) left, White tried to talk some sense into him

Black's Hints

:bulletblack: Black usually tries to protect White
:bulletblack: Black blushes. A lot.
:bulletblack: When Black saw Marshal carrying an injured White, he immediately attcked
:bulletblack: Black was worried over White when she was in the hospital
:bulletblack: Black put White first (like, priority wise) before battling
:bulletblack: When White left for the subway, Black chased the train and thanked her for everything they did together
:bulletblack: When White returned, Black was happy to see her
Submissions Rules and More Information

:bulletred: If you are submitting Couple pictures please only submit AgencyShipping their are other groups for other pairings, this is so obvious yet it still happens.. Sometimes...

:bulletred: You may also submit ChessShipping Artwork/Fanfiction

:bulletred: You cannot submit group artwork that expresses strongly of a different shipping here even though it may contain Black and White in the background

:bulletred: The feature folder will be used to organize work, since some deviant artists are saying that they cant see the gallery folders to submit there work too.

:bulletred: No Bashing please! If you don't like, or are against this pairing, there are other groups that will support your favorite pairing, don't come here just to say that these two don't belong together.

:bulletred: Any questions just ask! We will try to help you as best as we can!

~ Young Couple Hilbert and Hilda by Ggb81 ~
Hello everyone! Since the BW chapter has a confusing release schedule, here’s how you can read all the chapters in the right order!

Before the chapters are published in volumes, they are published in magazines a chapter at a time. When the magazine chapters are collected to be published for volumes, sometimes small changes are made before they are put in volumes. The list contains some magazine chapters mixed in with some volume chapters, so the transition between certain chapters may seem a little strange.

:iconkittydividerblack:Thank you to all the wonderful scanlators who translated these chapters!:iconkittydividerwhiteplz:

:bulletblue:Chapters 1-28:
(Please follow the links in the blue numbers on top of the page! The chapter names below that are not necessarily the right numbers!)

:bulletpink:Chapter 29:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 30:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 31-39:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 40:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 41:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 42:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 43:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 44:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 45: N/A. However, some of the volume form of this chapter came from chapter 51.

:bulletblue:Chapter 46:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 47: N/A. However, you can read a summary of the chapter written by Coronis here…

:bulletblue:Chapter 48:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 49:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 50:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 51:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 52:…

:bulletpink:Chapter 53:…

:bulletblue:Chapter 54-64:…
(Starting from that page, just keeeeeeeeeep reading until the end of the series!)

If I made any mistakes in this list or you have any questions, please say so in the comments!
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This is a group that supports Black and White from Pokemon Special/Adventures.
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